Message from AIM Corp President

Message from AIM Corp President

Private business enterprises are the locomotives for the economic and social development of all nations. Cognizant of this widely proven fact, we established Allied International Marketing Corporation (AIM Corp) over decades ago. As in the case of many of today’s transnational companies, AIM Corp started with minimal resources. However, as the founder of the Company I have had a unique advantage and business acumen that assured the success of this new business. In establishing this company I have had in particular a clear vision for future growth, a strong interpersonal skills, and ability to assess and respond to changing needs as well as a determination to succeed in challenging situation.

I am so proud that within a span of a few years, the company transformed itself into a successful trading power house. I am grateful to our loyal clients, partners and supporters as our success directly depended on the business opportunities they made available and their unending confidence in us. We are also fortunate to have dedicated employees that also assured our success. Like any successful organization, our most important assets in the process of growth are our employees and we are also grateful for their hard work and their excellence client management services.

Our business activities cover diverse goods and services. The focus of our business operations is to develop and promote mutually beneficial agricultural trade between emerging markets and their more developed counterparts. The products we trade range from agricultural inputs such as fertilizers and plant protection, to outputs such as grain, oil seeds, etc. To promote this crucial business unit, we are currently pursuing a strategy of Allied Commodities Integrated Marketing.

Our strategy is based upon the recognition that emerging markets’ prospect for economic revival and growth lies in the development of their agricultural sector. Agriculture is the backbone of an emerging market’s economy and the source of livelihood for the majority of its people. For those willing to invest in the sector, the vast agricultural potential of developing nations holds immense rewards.

In the quest for expansion and growth, we have included services in the areas of agro-industry, agricultural Inputs Industry and bulk commodities handling. These are promising areas of investment with a high potential rate of return. The development of the rich and largely untapped resources of emerging markets requires close cooperation with businesses and international organizations that are capable of supplying and investing the vital technology and capital. We look forward to forming partnerships with such businesses and organizations in order to accelerate investment and establish sustainable development.

AIM Corp has a solid base of diverse resources. Our management group is seasoned in the intricacies of international trade and has systematically built a global market network over the last decade. For these reasons, we are confident of making a positive difference in the growth process of emerging markets. The Company’s successful record of accomplishment clearly highlights its contributions towards paving the road for rapid progress.

Please feel free to contact me and let me know if I can be at your service any time. I appreciate your business.



Gebreyes Begna
Allied International Marketing Corporation